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Ground2Air is excelled to meet all ground handling needs of an airline company at the airport by providing required ground services as described by IATA (International Air Transport Association), namely Ramp Services, Cargo and Mail Services, Security Services, Passenger Services, Flight Operation / Load Control, Line Maintenance, Representation and Supervision Services.

Today, with its vast portfolio of airlines’ customers whose names are associated with quality all over the world. Aiming to keep this level at all times, Ground2Air provides the best service quality and customer satisfaction continuously through its qualified and highly experienced staff.

Cargo Logistics

Cargo Logistics

Ground2Air Cargo Logistics offer a safe, secure and reliable Cargo Logistics Solutions at the S.S.R. International Airport.

The company offers competitive pricing, excellent customer services, highly effective security control and thanks to its unique location deliveries to/from aircraft are fast and effective.

The Cargo team is well geared to maintain a constant high level of service, keeping up with the continuous increased requirements of its customers.

Ground2Air is the only handler located in the new cargo village which is ideally situated next to the airport tarmac.

Cargo Services Freight Handling

  • Mail & Post Handling Services
  • Document Handling (Import/Export)
  • Special Cargo Handling
  • Managing cargo warehousing spaces and offices
  • Cold room operations
  • Live animal handling
Line Maintenance

Line Maintenance

Ground2Air is an EASA PART 145 approved maintenance organization with a qualified pool of engineers for ATR42/72, B737, B747 , B777, B787 , A220, A320, A330 aircrafts.

Its capabilities will be gradually extended to cover other aircraft types.

Line Maintenance

  • Turnround maintenance/ services
  • Engineering Services
  • Basic Aircraft checks
Passenger Services

Passenger Services

Passengers are welcomed by well-presented and professionally trained staff.

Every effort is made to honor their individual travelling needs.

Ground2Air team is multilingual and aware of the need to create a warm friendly environment, conducive to the well-being of passengers.

Working closely with airlines to tailor service delivery according to their individual preferences.

Achieving this through constant contact, formal monthly meetings, strict adherence to and monitoring of service standards.

Passenger Services

  • Airport Ticketing Sales Desk & Services
  • Travel Insurance Issue Services
  • Arrival and Transfer Services
  • Check-in Services
  • Dedicated Passenger Services – Hola VIP Meet & Assist
  • Gate Services
  • Bagage Services
  • Lounge Services
  • Special Passenger Handling
  • Crew Transportation
Ramp Handling

Ramp Handling

Ground2Air Ramp Handling Services provide a comprehensive range of ground support to scheduled and non-scheduled flights.

All operations are carried out according to detailed specifications in line with its ISAGO and ISO9001/2008 accreditation.

Compliance is ensured through a continuous internal audit program.

Aircraft Services and Ramp Handling

  • Aircraft Loading/Unloading
  • Baggage Sorting and Transportation
  • Cabin Cleaning
  • Push-Back/Towing
  • Unit Load Device Follow up
  • Toilet and Water Services
  • Aircraft Washing
Flight Operation, Load Control & Weight Balance

Flight Operation, Load Control & Weight Balance

The flight operation team has understood the tool of communication together with their expertise of load controllers.

Together as a team with all the stakeholders during the turnround our team focuses on a safe, precise handling operation.

Our load planners ensure the safe departure of aircraft with maximum payload in the exact turnround allowed time.

Flight Operation & Load Control

  • Flight Operations Handling Assistance
  • Load Control
  • Weight & Balance
  • Weather briefing and documentations
Sky Wrap Services

Sky Wrap Services

The Baggage Wrapping Service is aimed to promote luggage safety and protection.

Using a unique wrapping technology giving you peace of mind that your luggage is protected.

The benefits of this service are prevention of:

  • Baggage tampering
  • Baggage pilferage
  • Baggage damage
Hola! VIP meet and assist Services

Hola! VIP meet and assist Services

Hola ! VIP Meet & Assist is designed to offer and provide professional services for corporate and companies. A unique service that provides for a Fast and Stress-Free Way of travelling. Experienced staff takes care of you and handles all the tedious formalities. Customers can rest assured that their CIPs & VIPs will be in excellent hands.

Special packages have been designed to suit every customer to make them feel special during their travel. Simple airport formalities, stress-free way escorted by airport professionals from car to the aircraft and vice versa, luxury lounge, smooth departure and fast-track on arrival are the services you will experience during your travel.

Our dedicated Hola! Champions will be glad to assist you on (230) 5 423 0263 I hola@ground2air.mu

Crew Transportation Services

Crew Transportation Services

Safe, reliable and high standard crew transportation between the airport and all crew hotels.

We offer the safe choice :

  • Driver and Safety audits
  • Vehicle inspections
  • GPS
  • Insurance compliance
  • Accident Reporting
  • Compliance controls

One call takes care of Everything.